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This is an invitation only fishing tournament to Benefit The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation and the UM Crohn's & Colitis Center.

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Tournament Rules

Also see: Tournament Points

1.  IGFA rules and tackle specifications apply.

2.  The leader coming into the top guide constitutes the release of a fish. Anglers may wade from the boat to fish.

3.  No line heavier than twenty (20) pound test may be used inshore and thirty (30) pound test offshore except for shock tippets.

4.  In the fly division no tipping of the flies is permitted.

5.  There must be two (2) anglers on every participating flats boat. In the absence of a teammate, a substitute angler will be appointed by the tournament committee. The Keymorada Tournament is a team effort. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, the guides shall encourage equal bow time to fishing partners. If you are not paired with another angler on a flats boat, it is your responsibility to bring this to the attention of the tournament committee the day before each fishing day. 

6.  The tournament is a maximum eight (8) hour event each day from the time a boat leaves the dock. Although fishing may continue after the eighth (8th) hour, any catches during that period of time will not count towards any award. Fishing cannot commence prior to 6:30 a.m. and all score cards must be turned in by 6:00 p.m. each day.

7.  All decisions of the tournament awards committee are final.

8.  Anglers are responsible to assure that the captains completely fill out and sign the tournament score cards.

9.  A “Weight Fish” under the tarpon division is a fish of seventy pounds (70) pounds or larger. A “Release Fish” under the tarpon division is a fish of thirty six (36) inches to sixty-nine (69) pounds.  The weight of each “weight fish” and “release fish” shall be estimated by the guide and such weight certified on the score card.

10. In the event of a tie in any category, the tie shall be broken according to which fish was caught earliest in time. this provision does not apply to the “Most Weight Fish” or “Most Release Fish” categories.

11. In the event of a tie in the “Most Weight Fish” or “Most Release Fish” tarpon division, the tie shall be broken by determining the total weight / size of all fish caught by each angler.

12. If the winner of the “Big Fish Award” in the tarpon division is tied with an angler in the “Most Weight Fish” division, the winner of the “The Big Fish Award” cannot win both awards.

13. The Grand Champion will be the angler who has accumulated the most points during the two day Tournament. In the event of a tie, it will be decided by the angler with the most eligible species. Any further ties will be decided by the Tournament Award’s Committee.

14. Anglers who catch 3 different eligible species in one day will earn two hundred (200) extra points.

15. Inshore and offshore chumming is allowed.

16. All photos shall be taken with either a Smartphone or Digital Camera and transmitted, on or before 6:30 pm on the date of catch, by either email to keymorada@yahoo.com; text to 786-683-4500; or posted to Instagram with the hashtag #keymorada.  All eligible species other than tarpon over 70 lbs and eligible sharks must be photographed in the boat.  Tarpon over 70 pounds and eligible sharks must be photographed boat side.  Nurse sharks are not eligible.  The weights for 70 pound plus tarpon and 70 pound plus sharks must be estimated by the guides and certified by the guides on the scorecards.

17. All eligible species, except tarpon and sharks, requiring a specified weight must be weighed on a scale at the dock and certified by the guides on the scorecard. All eligible species requiring a length measurement must be measured in the boat and such lengths certified by the guides on the score cards.

18. All tarpon, bonefish, permit, redfish, snook, sailfish and sharks must be released except if you are seeking IGFA world record certification.

19. Bonefish, tarpon, and permit measurements are by fork length. Snook and redfish measurements are by overall length. A measuring device will be provided to all guides.

20. Any Individual angler may not win more than two awards.

21. An inshore grand slam ( qualifying tarpon,bonefish and permit ) and an offshore grand slam ( sailfish, qualifying dolphin and tuna ) are worth an extra 200 points on spin and 400 points on fly.

22. In any single day, an angler will only be awarded points for the first three qualifying fish caught of any particular species.

Points for Grand Champion and Tournament Awards



Tarpon over 70lbs - 300 points

Tarpon under 70lbs - 200 points

Tarpon over 70lbs - 200 points

Tarpon under 70lbs - 100 points

Tuna - 250 points

(black fin/yellowfin tuna only) over 10 lbs

Tuna - 100 points

(black fin/yellowfin tuna only) over 10 lbs

Snapper/Grouper over 10 lbs - 500 points.

Snapper/Grouper over 10 lbs - 100 points.

Permit - minimum of 18″ - 600 points

Permit - minimum of 18″ - 250 points

Bonefish - minimum 18″ - 300 points

Bonefish - minimum 18″ - 150 points

Redfish - minimum 20″- 200 points

Redfish - minimum 20″ - 100 points

Snook minimum 20″ - 200 points

Snook minimum 20″ - 100 points

Cobia - 200 points

Cobia - 100 points

Dolphin over 20 lbs - 350 points

Dolphin over 10-19 lbs - 200 points

Dolphin over 20 lbs - 200 points

Dolphin over 10-19 lbs - 100 points

Shark over 70 lbs - 200 points

Shark over 70 lbs - 100 points

Sailfish - 500 points

Sailfish - 300 points